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We are looking for

We are a small team at the moment and are looking for aspiring game developers with an interest in doing one or more of the following:


  • We are looking for programmers with an interest in working on game AI routines, as well as those interested in working on visual effects such as shaders.

2D Artists

  • Stonicorn has a vast world to construct, so we are looking for 2D artists who enjoy working on colorful, interesting landscapes using a style similar to what’s in the game’s demo.  We are also looking for artists interested in creating 2D still images which will be used to convey a past event in the story’s lore.
  • We are also looking for artists with an interest in designing unique characters and enemies for the game’s world.

Sound Designer

  • Make a bunch of weird noises for things that happen in-game.


Here is a list of software tools that every member of the team is expected to become familiar with:

Discord is an accessible, easy to use voice and text chat platform.  Most of our communication happens here.


Unity is a well known game engine used in projects like Cities: Skylines, Hearthstone, and Ori and the Blind Forest.  It is easy to learn and provides all the tools an aspiring game developer could want.


Git is a version control system, used for synchronizing development efforts on many different kinds of projects.  Our project is hosted on GitHub, a well known Git hosting service.