What kind of structure will the game have?

Stonicorn will be a 2D metroidvania; an adventure game with a large world to explore and many collectables to find.

Will there be Linux support?

Yes!  In addition to Linux support we are also aiming to have the game available on Mac and mobile platforms.

Will I be able to buy the final game on steam?

We are indeed aiming to have the game on Steam, as well as Itch.io, GameJolt, and Google Play.

I uploaded a gameplay video to Youtube. Is it okay for me to monetize it?

Of course, just remember to include some visible sign of what game you are playing!

What is the target demographic of Stonicorn?

Stonicorn is suitable for all ages.

Do you happen to remember anything about being turned to stone?

Probably not.  But I hear there’s a cure!

Can I purchase socks for the character through the inevitable microtransaction store?

Yes, socks will cost only twenty times as much as a real pair of socks, and you will be able to enjoy their luxury for a very respectable 17 minutes.

Will the game run on my good old Windows 2000 Advanced Server Edition?

Mainstream Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems newer than Windows 7 will work without any hassle. Getting it to work on anything older will be up to you.

any more questions?

ask us!

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